Day: March 10, 2018


The White Wine

The white wine is served cold, very cold. In the bottle, you will find an indication of the most suitable temperature. It is best served with seafood, fish, white meats, also with pasta and rice or some vegetable cakes.

Although there are excellent white wines everywhere, it is true that in Argentina they do not stand out for their quality. In this sense, prefer a Chilean wine or a very safe quality white. They tend to be very fruity, leave a presence of essences for a long time on the palate.

The red, on the other hand, is taken at room temperature. Let’s clarify, that “environment” means one of the wineries, a slightly cool place with little light, not the kitchen where, in summer, between the lighted stove, the sun that hits and the hot day you reach the 40 degrees. The red takes about 18 degrees of temperature.

It is convenient to uncork it half an hour before serving it. If you could not do it, try a wide-necked glass bottle (there are very cheap ones) where the wine will go. For what reason? Because the wine needs to “air,” after so much confinement, release its aromas and eliminate some rest of the smell of the cork. There may be high-quality wines that need to be decanted; they are wines from years of aging. But it is usually indicated by the bottle. In any case, you will see the difference in having given the wine time to express itself with all its potential.