Month: March 2018


The Best Red Wines To Eat

Malbec wine: another of the best red wines to eat is this, which has managed to be one of the favorites of people since it has an excellent flavor and body which is ideal to accompany meals.

Casaeda de Cabernet Sauvignon: it is characterized by having a strong and intense flavor and is perfect to accompany different dishes, meat, seafood or fish.

Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo: this Italian wine is quite recognized as it has an ideal aroma of flowers and fruit, which is why it offers an acid taste and perfect color and body. It is an excellent wine to accompany and to take advantage of an exquisite flavor.

What Are The Best Wines From Latin America In 2017?

After 22 years, Catad’Or Wine Awards is the competition of wines with the most reputation in all Latin America and in the 2017 edition it awarded the best wines of America.

Who gives the awards? Both Catad’Or Wine Awards and the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) are the ones that determine the best still, sparkling, pisco and spirits wines from nine countries in the Americas: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Canada, the United States and Brazil.

This competition highlights and awards through a stamp those who, between scores and votes, is considered the best promoting the excellence and quality of the wines. The verdicts are taken by an international jury, which had a rigorous filter between wine producing and exporting countries, around the world.

The test begins with the blind tasting, under rules imposed by international competitions and regulations of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and VinoFed. Then the winners are determined by the scores obtained by each wine, in the different tasting sessions, with medals and individual trophies.

The total number of medals that are assigned by the jury cannot exceed in quantity to 30% of the wines, while a producer can receive a maximum of 12 coins.

Six sommeliers

A tasting panel composed of an international jury, which is rigorously selected and recognized for their capacity, integrity, independence and for being respected voices in their respective countries, gives the technical guarantee but also generates publications, interviews and business contacts for the vineyards But what are the recommendations of wines impartible of these world experts?

He came for a good meal

Take a right wine during lunch can highlight a tasty dish, help with digestion and allow us a pleasant experience.

If someone remembers it, an old movie of the late eighties, La Fiesta de Babette, highlighted how food prepared with love and care, accompanied by appropriate drinks, positively predisposes us.

Of course, wine is not the only appropriate drink. The water can go well, perhaps enriched with a little lemon or lime, or with pieces of ginger, slices of green apple … as well as a fruit juice or beer. About tastes there is nothing written and, also, there are people who do not tolerate alcohol, for one reason or another. But here the objective is to use some suggestions to use, it is expected, well the wine.

Before, it was rigorously believed that it was not in good taste to use white wine for meat and red wine with fish, the rule being that it was the other way around. Today it is understood that you can accompany a good fish with a red, and a chicken or pork with white meat. Everything depends on the degree of knowledge we have about wine and our palate.

We begin by keeping in mind some reasonable rules. In the first place, it is not necessary to repeat it: if you must drive later, do not drink alcohol. And it’s not worth discussing if it’s a glass, half a glass or two. The best thing is, do not drink.

If you can drink and plan to drink more types of wine, it is always better to go from wine with a lower alcohol content to a higher one. Sometimes, mixing upside down does not help, and some people can take effect faster. For example, you can program an entry accompanied by a very dry white, followed by a stronger dish accompanied by Syrah and roasted meat accompanied by a cabernet sauvignon. In general, serve before the whites and then the reds, the young before the old harvests, the lighter ones before, the more full ones, the dry ones before the sweets.

The White Wine

The white wine is served cold, very cold. In the bottle, you will find an indication of the most suitable temperature. It is best served with seafood, fish, white meats, also with pasta and rice or some vegetable cakes.

Although there are excellent white wines everywhere, it is true that in Argentina they do not stand out for their quality. In this sense, prefer a Chilean wine or a very safe quality white. They tend to be very fruity, leave a presence of essences for a long time on the palate.

The red, on the other hand, is taken at room temperature. Let’s clarify, that “environment” means one of the wineries, a slightly cool place with little light, not the kitchen where, in summer, between the lighted stove, the sun that hits and the hot day you reach the 40 degrees. The red takes about 18 degrees of temperature.

It is convenient to uncork it half an hour before serving it. If you could not do it, try a wide-necked glass bottle (there are very cheap ones) where the wine will go. For what reason? Because the wine needs to “air,” after so much confinement, release its aromas and eliminate some rest of the smell of the cork. There may be high-quality wines that need to be decanted; they are wines from years of aging. But it is usually indicated by the bottle. In any case, you will see the difference in having given the wine time to express itself with all its potential.